Monitoring and Evaluation

The mandate of this division is to;

  1. Coordinate monitoring and evaluation of the health system and its performance:
  2. Coordinate the development and revision of M&E policies and plans in collaboration with the policy and planning division.

    M&E of all health and health-related policies, plans, budgets, programmes, projects, and activities of the federal government in collaboration with other programmes, departments, parastatals, ministries and institutions.

    Coordination of all health actors in the discussing issues relating to implementation of the NHAct.

  3. Provide comprehensive health information for evidence-based planning and decision making using appropriate technology:

    Design, production and distribution of national health data collection instruments in collaboration with the relevant departments, programmes and agencies of the federal ministry of health

    Training on the use of the database and data collection instruments in collaboration with relevant departments, programmes and agencies of the Federal Ministry of Health

    Coordinate the management of an integrated National Health Information platform

    Coordinate the design and implementation of health survey in collaboration with NPopC, NBS and other relevant agencies.

    Coordinate documentation and harmonization of survey data and report in line with national standards.


MBBS (Nig.), MPH, PGD(PAD), MPA, MSc (Health Systems Mgt)
Director, Health Planning, Research & Statistics

Dr. Ngozi R.C. Azodoh is a Public Health Physician, a consummate administrator, an accomplished manager, and an experienced coordinator of complex health projects. She currently serves as Director/ Head of the Department of Health Planning, Research, and Statistics of the FMoH.