Welcome to the ISS/DQA Platforms

Integrated Supportive Supervision (ISS) is conducted by the Federal Government and organizations to ensure management of resources and best delivery of healthcare services in health facilities. It involves inspecting, controlling and giving support to health workers, to improve their skills and performance, and ultimately, health service delivery.

However, in Nigeria, there was poor coordination of the various integrated supportive supervisions held in the country and there were numerous ISS tools owned by partners. This led to a huge multiplicity of efforts and a waste of limited resources by health partners and the Federal Ministry of Health. To curb this, the Federal Ministry of Health collaborated with health partners to develop comprehensive national ISS tools at the primary, secondary and tertiary health levels to be used by the Federal Ministry of Health and all health partners. The Data Quality Assessment (DQA) tool has also been recently reviewed by health partners and a more updated version has been developed. This will ensure the quality of NHMIS data at all data management levels.

This platform contains the electronic versions of the updated ISS and DQA tools to ensure efficient coordination of ISS and DQA in the country, as well as to ease data collection and analysis. On this platform, data can be collected across the various levels of healthcare, stored, analysed and validated. The data can also be visualized on the data analytics page for more in-depth analysis. This platform is accessible to all health partners and provides the Federal Ministry of Health with a bird’s eye view of ISSs’ being conducted in the country.

The Federal Ministry of Health hopes that in the near future, the benefits of ISS will be fully realized and visualized in the country. We welcome feedback on this platform and urge stakeholders to use this platform for all subsequent ISS and DQA to be conducted.

NHMIS DQA Analytics Report